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Basel eBusiness Limited
First Floor
International House
41 The Parade
St Helier
Jersey | JE2 3QQ

Telephone: +44 (0)1534 500 900
Facsimilie: +44 (0)1534 500 901


BasTrust Corporation Limited Geneva Branch
24 Route des Acacias | 1227 Les Acacias

Telephone: +41 22 318 81 18
Facsimilie: +41 22 318 81 19

Part of the Basel Group 

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Managing Director

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By helping you establish relationships with, or taking on the management of your key third party service providers, we can provide a more centralised function, creating further operational efficiencies to your online business.

We have access to a worldclass infrastructure of fulfilment solution providers, eCommerce infrastructure, postal systems and professional service providers.

  • dms Jersey Limited - Jersey Fulfilment Provider

    dms Jersey Limited recognises that having knowlegable staff such as those at Basel eBusiness, offers a potentional new business the widest range of expertise available. The Financial One Stop Shop Jim Le Lion +44 (0)1534 859335

  • Foreshore - Jersey Offshore Datacentre and Internet Service Provider

    Chris Evans, MD of Foreshore +44 (0)1534 752300

  • Hub Europe - Jersey Postal Operator

    Locally Licensed to compete and Internationally connected to offer the greatest rates worldwide. Christopher Bee, Director +44 (0) 1534 280904

  • Image Group (Guernsey) - Guernsey Fulfilment Provider, Web Design and Marketing

    Steve Gillman, Managing Director +44 (0)1481 723456

  • Indigo Lighthouse Postal Ltd - Jersey Fulfilment Provider

    Alan Cox - Chief Executive Officer +44 (0)1534 720868

  • J.R. Jersey Horticulture Limited - Jersey Fulfilment Provider

    Joel Richardson - Managing Director +44 (0)1534 857160

  • Jersey Post J logistics - Postal Operator and Jersey Fulfilment Provider

    J logistics provides a dedicated distribution operation for the “e-trading” industry from the Island and enables companies to achieve a cost effective 2 to 3 day postal delivery service to all UK addresses and a 3 to 5 day service to mainland Europe. Michael McNally - Head of Sales +44 (0)1534 616590

  • Jersey Telecom - Jersey and Guernsey Data Centre and Hosting services

    Our state of the art data centres have been built to provide you with a secure space to host your business critical servers. By doing so, you are protecting your business from the unexpected and making sure that trading continues whatever the circumstances. Mark Stuchfield - Business Development Manager +44 1534 882645

  • Offshore Distribution & Fulfilment Ltd. - Jersey Fulfilment Provider

    Jason Layton - Managing Director +44 (0) 1534 497900

  • ProFS (Professional Fulfilment Services) - Jersey and Swiss Fulfilment Provider

    PFS have had a working relationship with Basel E-Business for several years. Throughout this period we have enjoyed working with their experienced team of professionals in the arena of e-commerce with specific expertise in LVCR marketplace. We share their committed and enthusiastic approach to developing fit for purpose business solutions for our mutual clients. We would recommend their services for potential clients needing a trusted and experienced professional E-Business partner and would suggest that their experience has been instrumental in gaining an increasing market share of the offshore e-commerce industry. Their multi-jurisdictional capability underpins their breadth of vision and knowledge few can match. We look forward to working with them as we develop our pan-European offering in the near future Chris Vautier - Chief Executive Officer +44 (0)1534 869529

  • RKG Consulting Limited - VAT and International Tax Advisors

    Raj Ganguly, Managing Director +44 (0) 207 839 0389

  • The Sigma Group - Guernsey Fulfilment Provider

    Robert Sillars (Group CEO) +44 (0)1481 241111 (Guernsey)

  • Swiss Post - Swiss Postal Operator and Fulfilment Provider

    Swiss Post International is a specialist in cross-border letter and parcel post serving internationally active corporations. Established in 1996, the Swiss Post Group company is represented in Europe, Asia and USA with 30 companies, sending mail to over 200 countries Alessandro Valdettaro

    0848 888 888 (Monday-Friday 7.30 a.m.-6.30 p.m. / Saturday 8 a.m.-noon)

  • The Beach Communication - Brand strategy and web design consultancy

    Scott Haynes - Director +44 1534 722022

  • TheIdeaWorks - Communications Consultancy

    Being a ‘full service’ agency, we provide the best E-marketing, Internet & Multimedia as well as Communications Consultancy tools for online businesses. By delivering a combination of search engine optimisation, web design, web branding, targeted and viral marketing campaigns we are committed to creating maximum visibility and new business opportunities Richard Lumborg, Managing Director +44(0)1534 755400